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International Acronyms

The following shipping terms are words that might be unfamiliar to you. Browse the entire list or click a letter below to quickly go to all terms beginning with that letter.



@		At (referring to price)
a.a. Always Afloat
A.B. Able-bodied seaman
Abdnt. Abandonment
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics
A/C Account Current
a/c. Account
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Acc. Acceptance, Accepted
ACII Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
ACH Automated Clearinghouse
A.&C.P. Anchors and chains provided
ACCI Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry
ACOS Australian Chamber of Shipping
ACS Australian Customs Service
Acct. Account
ACV Air cushion vehicle (hovercraft)
Add. Addressed
Ad.val. Ad Valorem - according to value
a/d After date
AEN Administrative Exception Note
AEV Articles of Extraordinary Value
AF Advanced Freight
AFTA {ASEAN} Free Trade Area
Agt. Agent, Against
AGWI Atlantic, Gulf, West Indies Limited
a.h. After hatch
AHF American hull form (insurance policy)
A/M Airmail
AMB Ambassador
AMF Airport Mail Facility
AML Absolute maximum loss
AMS Automated Manifest System
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
amt. Amount
AMVER Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System
A/o Account of
AOB Any one bottom
AOL Any one loss
AOO Any one occurrence
AOV Any one vessel
AOVoy. Any one voyage
AP Additional premimum
APEC Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
API Agreement on pre-shipment
APL As per list
Appd. Approved
AQIS Australian Quarantine Inspection Service
AR All risks
Arr.TL Arranged total loss
A/S After sight, Account Sales, Alongside (chartering)
ASEAN Association of South East Asian Nations
A/T. American Terms (grain trade)
ATA Carnet Admission Temporaire - Temporary Admission' Carnet
ATL Actual Total Loss
Atl. Atlantic
At.wt. Atomic weight
Av. Average, ad valorem (according to value)
Av. Disbts. Average disbursements
AWB Air Waybill

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B. or B/-	Bale Bag
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
Bal. Balance
Bar Barrel
B.B. Bill Book, Below Bridges Both to blame collision clause
BC British Columbia, British Corporation
BCor B/Ch. Bristol Channel
B/F Bank Draft, Bar draft (grain trade)
BDI Both days inclusive
Bdls Bundles
Bds Boards
B/E Bill of Exchange, Bill of Entry
BENELUX Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg Economic Union
B/G Bonded goods
Bg. Bag
B/H Bill of Health, Bordeaux to Hamberg inc.
Bk Bank, Backwardation, Book
BHP Brake horsepower
BIA British Insurance Association
BIBA British Insurance Broker's Assoc.
B/L Bill of Lading
Bls. Bales, Barrels
b.m. Board measure (timber)
B/O Brought over
BO Buyer's option. Branch Office
BOP Balance of Payment
B/P. Bills payable
BPB Bank Post Bill
BR Builder's risk insurance
B/R Bills receivable, Bordeaux or Rouen (grain tr)
Brl. Barrel
BS Balance Sheet, Boiler Survey
B/S Bill of Sale, Bill of Store
B/s Bags, Bales
Bs/L Bills of Lading
BSRA Basic Service Rate Additional
B/St. Bill of Sight
BST British Standard Time
bt Berth terms
BTU Bow Thrust Unit(s)
BThU British Thermal Unit
BV Bureau Veritas
B/V Book Value

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C	             Collected, Curreny, Coupon
C/- Case
CACTLVO Compromised or arranged or constructive total loss of vessel only
CAD Cash Against Documents
CAD/CAM Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAF Currency adjustment factor
Canc. Cancelled
CAP Common Agricultural Policy or Country Action Plan
CARICO Caribbean Community
CB Cash Book
CB&H Continent between Bordeaux & Hamburg
CBI Confederation of British Industry
CBM Cubic Metre
CC Civil commotions
CCY Convertible currency
CD Country damage
C/D Commercial Dock, Consular Declaration
C&D Collected and delivered
CD-R Compact Disc - Rewritable
CDV Current Domestic value
CER Aus-NZ Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (ANZCERTA)
C&F Cost and Freight
CFR Cost and Freight
cf Carried forward, cubic feet
cfi Cost, freight and insurance
Cfo Channel for orders, Calling for orders
CGA Cargo's proportion of General Average
CH&H Continent between Havre & Hamburg
chq. Cheque
CI Consular Invoice
C&I Cost and Insurance
CIE Captain's Imperfect Entry (Customs)
CIESM Scientific Exploration of
Mediterranean Sea
cif Cost, insurance and freight

Cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest
CIFE Cost, Insurance, Freight and Exchange
cifLt Cost, insurance & freight London terms
CIP Carriage & Insurance paid to (name point)
CIT Court of International Trade
C&/or J China and/or Japan
Ck. Cask
CKD Completely knocked down
C/L Craft loss
cld. Cleared
CM Cubic Meter, Centimeter
Cmpl. Completed
C/N Credit Note, Consignment Note, Cover Note
Company, County
C/O Certificate of Origin

Cargo On Board
COCOM Co-ordinating Committee on Multilateral
C.O.D Cash On Delivery
COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Colln. Collision
Com. Commission
Consgt. Consignment
Cont. Continent of Europe
Cont. (AH) Continent, Antwerp-Hamburg range
Cont. (B.H.) Continent, Bordeaux-Hamburg range
Cont. (H.H.) Continent Havre-Hamburg range
Conv. Conveyance
C/P Charter Party, Custom of Port (grain trade)
CPA Claims Payable Abroad
CPD Charterers Pay Dues

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D/D		Delivery, Delivered
D/A Deposit Account, Documents against Acceptance
DAA Documents Against Acceptance,
DAF Delivered at Frontier
DB Day Book, (Deals and battens) (timber trade)
DBB Deals, Batten and Boards
Dbk. Drawback
D/C Documentary Credit, Deviation Clause
D/D Demand Draft, Delivered at Docks, Damage Done
D/d. Days after due, Days' date
dd Delivered at Frontier
dd/s. Delivered sound (grain trade)
DDP Delivered Duty Paid
DDU Delivered Duty Unpaid
Ded. Deductible
Def.a/c Deferred account
DEIP Dairy Export Incentive Program
deld. Delivered
DES Delivered ex Ship
DEQ Delivered ex Quay
Det. Detained
DF Direction Finder
d.f. Dead Freight
DFAT Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
Dft. Draft
DIFF Development Import Finance Facility
DIS Delivered into store
Dis. Discount
Disbts. Disbursements
Displ. Displacement
DK Deck
d.l.o Dispatch loading only
D/N Debit Note
D/O Delivery Order
D/P Document against payment
d.p. Direct port
DPI Department of Primary Industries
d.p.r. Daily pro rata
DPV Duty Paid value
D/R Deposit Receipt
Dr. Debit, Debtor, Drawer
D-RAM Dynamic Random Access memory
DRC Damaged received in collision
D/s. Days after sight
D/V Dual Valuation
D/W Dock Warrant
d.w. Dead weight
d.w.c. Deadweight capacity
DWT Deadweight Ton
Dy. Delivery Order
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EC		European Community
ECGB East Coast Coal Port (East, Coast of Great Britain)
ECI East Coast Ireland
ECN Export Clearance Number
ECU European Currency Unit
ECUK East Coast of United Kingdom
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EDIMI EDI for Marine Imports
EE Errors excepted
e.&e.a. Each and every accident
EEC European Economic Community
e.&e.l. Each and every loss
e.&e.o. Each and every occurrence
EEZ Exclusive Economic Zones
EFIC Export Finance & Insurance Corporation
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTA European Free Trade Association
e.g. For example
EL Employer's liability
EMDG Export Marketing Development Grants Scheme
EMPL Estimated maximum probable loss
EMS European Monetary System
EMSS Export Market Support Scheme
E&OE Errors and omissions excepted
eohp Except otherwise herein provided
EOQ Economic ording quantity
EP European Parliament
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPI Earned premium income
ERLC Export Revolving Line of Credit
ERM Exchange Rate Mechanism
ERV Each round voyage
ESCAP Economic & Social Commission/Asia and the Pacific
ESD Echo-sounding device
est. Estimated
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EU European Union
Ex. Excluding (chartering), Without, Examined, Exchange, Executed
Exd. Examined
EXIMBANK Export-Import Bank of the USA
EXW Ex Works - the price at which the supplier will supply ex his works.
EX W/H Ex warehousing entry. Customs. (Nature 30)

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fa		Free alongside
faa Free of all average
fac Fast as can
FAC Federal Airports Corporation
Fac Facultative
Fac/oblig. Facultative/obligatory
Freight all Kinds
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (UN)
F&AP Fire and allied perils
faq Fair average quality
FAS Free alongside ship.First and seconds
FCA Free carrier
FCAR Free of claim for accident reported
FCL Full container loads
fcsrcc Free of capture, seizure, riots and civil commotions
fc.&s Free of capture and seizure
FCV Full contract value
FEU Forty foot Equivalent Unit (shipping container)
f.d. Free discharge, Free delivery, Free dispatch, Free docks
F&D Freight and demurrage
FFA Free from alongside, Free foreign agency
FFO Fixed and floating objects
FGA Foreign General Average
fh Fore hatch
FI Free In
fia Full interest admitted
FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations
fib Free into bunkers, Free into barge
FIL Foreign insurance legislation
fio Free in and out
fios Free in and out stowed
fiot Free in and out trimmed
FIS Free into store
fit Free of income tax
fiw Free in wagon
FLE Fire, lighting and explosion
FLN Following lading numbers
fo For orders, Firm offer, Full out terms
FOB Free on board
foc Free on car, Free of charge
FOC Flag of convenience
fod Free of damage
FOM Flag, ownership and management
foq Free on quay
FOR Free on rail
FOREX Foreign Exchange
fort Full out rye terms (grain trade)
FOS Free on steamer
FOT Free on Truck
fow Free on wagon, First open water
FP Floating (or open) Policy Fully paid
FPA Free of Particular Average
F/R Freight release
FRA Forward/Future Rate Agreement
FRC Free of report casualty
FRP Fire risk only
frof Fire risk on freight
Frt Freight
fsl Full signed line (insurance)
FSR&CC Free of strikes, riots and civil commotions
ft Full terms, foot/feet (measure)
FTA Free Trade Agreement
Fth. Fathom
FTZ Free Trade Zone
fv Fishing vessel
FVC Fishing vessel clauses
fwd. Forward
f.w.d. Fresh water damage
f.w.l. Full written line (insurance)
FWT&GD Fair wear, tear and gradual deterioration
F/X Foreign Exchange

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G/A		General Average
G/A con. General Average contribution
G/A dep. General Average deposit
GADV Gross arrived damage value
GASV Gross arrived sound value
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade
GBL Government Bill of Lading
G-COCOM General License - COCOM
GCR General cargo rates
GDP Gross domestic product
GF Government Form (chartering)
gfa Good fair average
gmb Good merchantable brand
gmq Good merchantable quality
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
GNP Gross National Product
gob Good ordinary brand
gr. Grain, Goss
GRT Gross Register Tonnage
Gr.T. Gross ton
GS Good safety
GST Goods and Services Tax
gsm Good sound merchantable
guar. Guaranteed
GV Grande Vitesse (fast train)
Gy.C. Gyro compass

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HA or D		Havre, Antwerp, or Dunkirk
HAWB House air waybill (issued by the freight forwarder)
Hbr. Harbour
HC Held cover (insurance)
HCE Home consumption Entry
HCV Home Consumption Value
HGV Heavy Goods Vehicle
H/H Havre to Hamburg house to house
hhd Hogshead
hk. Hook damage
H&M Hull and machinery
H&O Hook and oil damage
HP Horse power
H.P House to Pier
HPN Horse-power nominal
HS Harmonized System
HSSC Heating, seating spontaneous combustion
HT Half-time survey
HTS Harmonized Tariff Schedule
HW High Water
HWD Heavy weather damage
HWM High water mark
HWOST High water ordinary spring tides

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IAN		Import Advice Note
IB Invoice Book, In Bond
IBC Institute Builders' Clauses
IC&C Invoice cost and charges
ICES International Council for Exploration of the sea
ICFU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICI Imperial Chemicals Industries
ICS Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
IDA International Development Association
IDC Irrevocable Documentary Credit
i.f. In full
IFC Institute Freight Clauses, International Finance Corporation
IGO Indicated horse-power
IIL Insurance Institute of London

ILO International labor organization
ILU Institute of Londer Underwriters
IMCO Int. Maritime Codes Organization
IMF International Monetary Fund
in. Inch
Int. Interest
iop Irrespective of percentage

i&/or o In and/or overdeck
IPR Intellectual Property Rights
IPRC Institute Clauses
IR Inland Revenue
IRS Indian Register of Shipping
ISBN International Standard Book Number
ISC Intermodal Service Charge
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network
ISO International Standards Organization
ITC Institute Time Clauses (Hulls) Inter. Trade Commission
ITU International Telecommunications Union
IVC Institute Voyage Clauses (Hulls)
IYC Institute Yacht Clauses

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J/A		Joint Account
Jett. Jettisonson
JETRO Japan External Trade Organization
j.&w.o Jettison and washing overboard

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KD Knocked down
KDCKnocked down condition
ABSKey Industry Duty
A/C Knocked down flat
A/C Kilogram(s)

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L/A		Letter of Authority, Landing Account, Lloyd's Agent
LANBY Large automatic navigation buoy
LASH lighter aboard ship
LAT Linseed Association Terms
lat. Latitude
LATF Lloyd's American Trust Fund
Lb(s) Pound(s) (weight)
LC London clause (chartering), Label clause
L/C Letter of credit
LCIA London Court of International Arbitration
LCL Less container load
LCTA London Corn Trade Association
L.d.d. Loss during discharge
L.def. Latent defect
ldg. Loading
Ldg.&Dely. Landing and delivery
L.d.l. Loss during loading
lds. Loads
Leg.Chgs Legal charges
LHAR London, Hull, Antwerp or Rotterdam
LI Letter of Indemnity
Liab. Liability
LIP Life Insurance Policy
Lkge&Bkge Leakage and breakage
Ll.&Cos. Lloyd's and Companies
LLT London landed terms
LMC Lloyd’s machinery certificate
l.m.c. Low middling clause (cotton trade)
LMCC Lloyd's machinery certificate continuous survey
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas carrier
l.n.y.d. Liability not yet determined
LOA Length Overall
LOI Letter of Indemnity
LOL Loss of life
LO/LO Lift on/Lift off
long longitude
L.S. Lump Sum
L.T.L. Less than truckload
L.T.L. Long Ton (2240 lbs)

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MAWB		Mater airwaybill (issued by the airline)
MFN Most favored nation
Min Minimum
Min B/L Minimum Bill of Lading
Min. wt Minimum weight
MIP Marine Insurance Policy
M.O. Money Order
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MR Mate's receipt
msmt Measurements
MT Mail Transfer, Marine Terminal
MT Metric ton 2204.6 lbs
MTO Multimodal Transport Operator, Multilateral Trade Organization
M3 Cubic metric
MV Motor vessel

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NAFTA		North American Free Trade Agreement
N/A No advice, Not applicable
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCV No commercial value
NCV No customs value
ND No discount
ne Not exceeding
Nei Not elsewhere included
Nes Not elsewhere specified
Net wt Net weight
N/F No funds
NIC's Newly Industrializing Countries
No Number
nop Not otherwise provided
N.O.S. Not otherwise specified
NT Net Ton
N/t Net terms
NTB's Non-Tariff Barriers
NVD No value declared
NVOCC Non vessel owning common carrier

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O.B.L.		Ocean Bill of Lading
O/C Overcharge
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
O/R Over-riding commission
OR Owner risk, Original rate
O/S On sample, Out of stock, On sale or return
OSD Open shelter deck
OT Open Top
O/t. Old terms (grain trade) On truck
OWC On Wheels Charge
Oz. Ounce

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P		Package
P/A Particular Average, Power of Attorney, Private Account
Pac. Pacific coast ports

Premium advice note
PAG Payment on arrival of goods
PB permanent Bunkers
PC Per Container
P/C Price Current, Petty Cash, per cent, Particular charges
PD Port dues
pd. Passed, Paid
Pers.Acc. Personal Accident
P/H Pier to House
PI Personal Injury
PIA Peril insured against
Pkg(s) Packages
Pilf. Pilferage
PL Public Liability
P.L Partial Loss
P&I Protection and indemnity, Principal & Interest
P&L Profit and Loss
PLA Port of London Authority
pm Premium
PML Probable maximum loss
P/N Promissory note
p.o.c. Port of call
POD Pay on delivery, Port of distress
P/P Pier to Pier
pp Parcel Post, Purchase Price
ppd Prepaid
ppi Policy proof of interest
ppt prompt loading
PR Port Ricks, Prorata
PRC People's Republic of China
Premiums reducing
Prem.Res Premium reserve
Prof.Com Profit commission
P/S Public sale
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSV Post-Shipment Verification
PT Per Trailer
PT20 Per 20 Foot Trailer/Container
PT40 Per 40 Foot Trailer/Container
p.t. Private Terms
PU&D Pick Up and Delivery
PV Petite Vitesse (slow train)

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Qlty.		Quality
qn. Quotation
QR's Quantitative Restrictions
Qty Quantity

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R		Rail Ramp
R/A Refer to acceptor
RAM Ram don Access Memory
RAT Rapeseed Association Terms
RBP"s Restrictive Business Practices
R.&C.C. Riots and civil commotions
RCP Rate combination point
RCC&S Riots and civil commotions
R/D Refer to drawer
r.d. Running days
RDC Running down clause
R&D Research and Development
Ref. Refrigerating machinery
res Residue
RFQ Request for Quotation
RI Registro Italiano

R/I Reinsurance
RLN Running landing numbers
r.o.b. Remaining on Board
ROD Rust, oxidation and discoloration
ROM Read only Memory
Ro-ro Roll-on/Roll-off
Rotn. No Rotation number
R.R. Railroad
R/p. Return of posts for orders
RP Return premium
RS Revised Statutes (USA)
RT Rye Terms
RTA Rubber Trade Association
RWA Returned Without Action

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SA		Salvage Association
S/A Subject to acceptance (insurance)
s/a Subject to approval, Safe arrival
SAA Standards Association of Australia
SB Short Bill
SBM Single buoy mooring
sbs Survey before shipment
sc Salvage Charges
SCA Settlement of claims abroad
SCA Sea Cargo Automation
Sch. Schooner
SCR Specific commission rates
SD Sea damaged
S.d. Short delivery
SDR's Special Drawing Rights (banking)
SED Shipper's Export Declaration
SET Selective Employment Tax
S&FA Shipping and Forwarding Agent
S/Fee Survey Fee
SG Ship and goods (insurance)
SGS Society General de Surveillance
S Hinc. Sundays and Holidays included
S.Hex. Sunday and Holidays excepted
SHP Shaft horse power
SI Short Interest
S/I Sum insured
SITC Standard International Tariff Classification
Sk. Sack
Salvage loss
SLAC Shippers load and count
SLI Shipper's Letter of Instruction
S/L Sue and labour
sl Salvage loss
S/L.C. Sue and labor clause
S/L.Ch. Sue and labor charges

Sld. Sailed
SMART Sydney Maritime Arbitration Rules & Terms
S/N Shipping Note
SO Seller's option
SOD Shipped on deck
SOL Ship owner's liability
SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea
s/0. Ship owner
SOS Service of suit
SP Sppra Protest
s.p.d. Steamer pays dues
SRCC Strikes, riots & civil commotions
SRL Ship repairers' liability
SS Steam Ship
S.T.C. Said to contain
Std. Standard (timber trade)
Stes.Lab Stevedores' liability
stg. Sterling
stk. Stock
ste. Steamer
Strd. Stranded
S to S Station to Station
SV Sailing vessel
SW Ship's Weights
SWD Seawater damage
SWG Standard wire gauge
Syn. Syndicate (Lloyd's)

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T.		Ton of 2,240 lbs
TACM Transit Air Cargo Manifest
TB Trial Balance
TBA To be advised
TBL Through Transport B/L
T/C Till countermanded
T&CC Technical and Clauses Committee
TCI Time charterer's interest
Tes. Tierces
Tes. Tonnage deadweight
TDW Trade expenses
TEE Trans. Europe Express
TEU Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit (shipping container)
TF Tropical freshwater
T&G Tongued & grooved (timber trade)
TGB Tongued, grooved and beaded
THC Terminal Handling Charge
TIB Trimmed in bunkers, Temporary Importation under Bond
TL Total loss, truck load
TLO Total loss only
TLVO Total loss of vessel only
TM Trademark

T/O Transfer order
T.O.F.C. Trailer (on Wheels) Flat Car
TOVALOP Tanker Owners' Voluntary Agreement Liability for Oil Pollution
TPi Tons per inch
TP Lab. Third party liability
TPND Theft, pilferage & non-delivery
TQ Tale Quale (as found)
Tr. Trustee
TR Tons Registered
T/S Transshipment
t&s Touch and stay
TT Telegraphic transfer
TTF Timber Trade Federation
T.S. Telegraphic transfer selling rate
TTY Treaty (reinsurance)

TWMC Transport, wages, maintenance & care

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U/A		Underwriting account
U/C Under construction
u.c.b. Unless caused by
UCPDC Uniform Customs & Practice for Documentary Credits
U/D Under deck
UK United Kingdom
UK/Cont. United Kingdom & Continent
Ukfo United Kingdom for orders
UK.HAD United Kingdom, Havra, Antwerp or Dunkirk
ULCC Ultra large crude carrier
ULD Unit Load Device - Airfreight Container
UN United Nations
UNCLOS UN Conference on the Law of the Sea
UNCTAD UN Conference on Trade & Development
UNDP UN Development Program
UNDRO UN Disaster Relief Coordinator
UNEP UN Environment Program
UNL Ultimate net loss
u/o. Use and occupancy
u.p. Under proof
U/R Under repair
URC Uniform Rules for Collection
UT Unlimited transshipment
uw Underwriter

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WA With average
WB Water ballast, Warehouse Book, Way Bill
WB/EI West Britain/East Ireland
w.b.s. Without benefit of salvage
WCL World Confederation of Labor
WCSA West Coast of South America
W/d Warranted
WIRD World Import Regulations Directory
WDF Wireless direction finder
WEU Western Europe Union
WFG Wharf age

Acct. Account

VTS Vessel Traffic System

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WA With average
WB Water ballast, Warehouse Book, Way Bill
WB/EI West Britain/East Ireland
w.b.s. Without benefit of salvage
WCL World Confederation of Labor
WCSA West Coast of South America
W/d Warranted
WIRD World Import Regulations Directory
WDF Wireless direction finder
WEU Western Europe Union
WFG Wharf age
WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions
w.g. Weight guaranteed
WHO World Health Organization
W/M Weight and/or Measurement
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WNA Winter North Atlantic
w.o.b. Washed overboard
WOL Wharf owners' liability

w.p. Without prejudice, Weather permitting
w.p.p. Waterproof paper packing
WTO World Trade Organization
WR Warehouse receipts
w.r.o. War risk only
wt. Weight
Wtd. War ranged
W/W Warehouse warrant
WWD Weather working days

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x.c. Ex coupon
x.d. Ex dividend
x. in. Ext interest
x. new Ex new
XS Loss Excess loss reinsurance

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YAR York, Antwerp Rules (General Average)
Yt. Yacht

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